Transparency in XLIII Coffee’s operations

In the journey to build a high-quality specialty coffee brand, XLIII Coffee has always identified transparency as one of its core values, present throughout every operational process. From collaborating with farms, production, and business activities to building trust with customers and employees, we strive to maintain and promote transparency as the "golden key" to long-term, sustainable development.



Transparency with partners - building a transparent coffee supply chain


XLIII Coffee is committed to building a transparent and fair coffee supply chain. Therefore, a top priority is a trustworthy partnership with our suppliers. We understand that the brand's success is closely tied to the quality of raw materials and the reputation of our partners.

To maintain the true value of "transparent specialty coffee," XLIII Coffee proactively learns about each directly cooperating farm's stories, cultivation processes, and actual circumstances. Beyond assessing coffee quality, we also care about the land's story and the people behind each harvest. We agree with our partners on quality standards, reasonable prices, and mutual support commitments to grow together.

Even in cases of indirect trade cooperation through intermediary producers and exporters, XLIII Coffee ensures transparency in the coffee purchasing process. We continuously monitor and verify the accuracy of origin, cultivation, processing, and appropriate pricing for all coffee batches. All incurred costs, such as transportation and import-export, are recorded and publicly shared with stakeholders.

Additionally, XLIII Coffee commits to paying fair prices that reflect the labor and dedication farmers put into each coffee bean. We believe that recognizing labor's true value and supporting partners' livelihoods is the "key" to opening a brighter and more sustainable future for the coffee supply chain.

By adhering to transparent cooperation principles and standards in coffee production, XLIII Coffee aims to spread a healthy coffee ecosystem where all partners are treated equally and respectfully. This will be a solid foundation for nurturing an industry full of rich flavors and positive values. Learn more about how we maintain transparency throughout our cooperation, operations, and product supply processes here.



Transparency with customers - spreading transparency in coffee production


XLIII Coffee's mission is to bring customers premium specialty coffee products along with a complete and transparent experience. Understanding our responsibility to connect the pieces of the farm-to-cup journey, we always strive to provide customers with a comprehensive view through our commitment to coffee business transparency.

XLIII Coffee proactively provides detailed information about the origin, coffee variety, cultivation, and processing methods for each product through an accompanying coffee tag system. Each coffee tag acts like a "passport," detailing the origin, characteristics, processing methods, and flavor profile of each type of bean, giving customers a thorough understanding of the coffee in their cup. Learn more about the Coffee Information Tag and how this publication contributes to XLIII Coffee's transparency commitment here.

In addition to providing comprehensive information, XLIII Coffee also transparently discloses the price structure at various points such as Paid for Farmer/Producer, FOB price, DDP price, and retail prices for finished products and coffee served in stores. Customers will know what they are paying for, from farm purchase prices, transportation, and processing costs to the final product price. With this transparency, we hope customers appreciate the true value of their coffee cup.

Furthermore, when enjoying transparent specialty coffee at XLIII Coffee's space, customers can experience an in-depth and unique specialty coffee culture. Our passionate and knowledgeable staff are always ready to share fascinating stories about coffee-growing regions, the characteristics of each type of bean, and the sustainability efforts across the supply chain to bring the finest flavors.

Open, honest conversations and transparent information about coffee products are how XLIII Coffee fulfils its transparency commitment. We aim to provide customers with not only quality coffee but also a journey of discovery, fostering a deeper appreciation for the magical value this agricultural product brings.

Building an open communication channel and listening to customer feedback is also a priority for us. XLIII Coffee actively interacts with customers through popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our dedicated team is always ready to listen, answer questions, and receive sincere feedback from the community.

We pay great attention to monitoring and absorbing customer reviews and comments on reputable review platforms like Google Maps, Tripadvisor, and coffee forums like Roasters. Each feedback is valued and regarded as a precious "gift," helping XLIII Coffee reflect on itself, identify strengths to enhance and adjust areas that need improvement.

At XLIII Coffee, every feedback is an opportunity to perfect and elevate the customer experience. By listening and promptly addressing imperfections, we aim to continuously offer superior products and services, deserving of the trust and support our customers give us.



Internal transparency - building a transparent business culture in coffee


XLIII Coffee believes that a healthy corporate culture, based on transparency and fairness, is a crucial "lever" for sustainable development. Therefore, we strive to create an open working environment where all processes are transparent, and all policies are shared with every employee.

A strong sense of ownership is also vigorously promoted. Regular cupping sessions and discussions provide a space for members to evaluate work results and propose appropriate development directions. Thanks to transparent information and opportunities for contribution, employees feel more attached and connected to the organization's common goals.

Furthermore, XLIII Coffee builds a fair working environment based on competence. Recruitment, remuneration, and promotion standards are publicly and transparently announced. Each individual has the opportunity to showcase their abilities, be objectively assessed, and be appropriately recognized.

By creating a transparent, fair, and positive working environment, XLIII Coffee believes the organization can sustainably grow. Every member is a "brand ambassador" and a source of strength to create positive values for the community. We want every employee to feel proud to be part of XLIII Coffee and to spread these positive values and spirit outward.

Efforts to build a transparent corporate culture are the foundation for XLIII Coffee to develop strong internal resources, thereby enhancing product and service quality and bringing more value to customers and the community.

We believe that when transparency becomes the "guiding principle" in all activities and when all stakeholders are treated fairly and respectfully, it will be the foundation for a healthier and more sustainable coffee industry.

In the journey ahead, with the belief that "Transparency builds trust," XLIII Coffee will continue to adhere to its transparency commitments, strive to perfect a responsible coffee business model, and spread positive values to the community. We hope to join hands with the specialty coffee community to gradually realize the dream of a fully developed coffee world, where every cup of coffee carries an inspiring and deeply humane story.

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Neja Fadil

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Finca Rosenheim XLIII

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Buenos Aires Gesha #0370

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