Finca El Lechero

  • First time cooperation: 2022
  • Cooperation model: Indirect Trade


Finca El Lechero cultivates and cultivates plant types in a concentrated way to promote effective resource distribution and uniform quality, namely 80% Caturra, and 20% Catuai. Ulises intercrops many other plant items such as vegetables, corn, and beans to assure economic circumstances during off-season harvests, and coffee growing, which accounts for 30% of the family’s revenue.

Sustainable Development

The coffee season typically lasts from May to October each year, with the peak crop being in August. Coffee will be prepared immediately at the farm’s plant after it has been harvested. Coffee beans are washed and wet process in a controlled environment. The drying procedure takes around 15-20 days and is done with a solar-powered parabolic drier. Sunshade nets are used in the drying areas to balance time and heat until the coffee beans achieve the desired humidity. Ulises’s coffee placed 12th in the Peru Cup of Excellence in 2019.

Finca El Lechero farm, located at 1870 masl, has several excellent natural conditions for cultivating seedlings. However, numerous challenges remain in the face of a deteriorating climate change situation. Ulises chooses to live in peace with nature for his expanding region, which includes a lot of environmental preservation and biodiversity conservation. Idelo Ulises Nayra Armijos also worries about the farmers’ working conditions on the land.

Founder - Idelo Ulises Nayra Armijos

As the third generation of a coffee-growing family, Ulises knows the importance of the coffee industry’s general development to the country’s economy, as well as the worth of the coffee to the farmer in his community. Being proud of his family’s accomplishment and adventure, Idelo Ulises Nayra Armijos took over the farm Finca El Lechero in 2010 and expanded it with a consistent approach.

Ulises, who is a thorough guy, insists on quality in all procedures. Every stage of the coffee growing and processing cycle is meticulously monitored. The farm, which has a total area of 2.5ha, follows a model and has a large organizational scale. The farm intends to cultivate in small and medium-sized batches, focusing on details and particular circumstances that impact the flavor of the completed coffee bean products, to develop by the quality standard.

Finca El Lechero – Specialty Coffee

Finca El Lechero's Flavor

Finca El Lechero #130

Purple Plum, Blackcurrant, Hibiscus

Finca El Lechero #130 coffee belongs to the Yellow Caturra variety. The coffee beans are famous because the quality is always guaranteed at the highest level.