The large and multi-dimensional coffee world always opens up new experiences for anyone.

The same go for XLIII Coffee!

Wishing to create a larger and more sustainable coffee community, we strive to bring high-quality Specialty coffee products with original values as the focus of exploitation.

We source quality raw materials with maximum traceability, provide transparent and direct information to customers, operate based on ethics and responsibility, and transfer toward sustainability development.

XLIII Coffee transforms from the original brand - 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. We respect the achievements and values built since the beginning of the journey to discover the world of pure coffee and cherish the starting point of the first shop. On the journey ahead, XLIII Coffee continue to hold philosophy and maintain consistency in our overall activities, core values, and strategic direction.

Our core values

  • Transparency

    We approach the concept of transparency positively and constructively to advance the industry while protecting the interests of our manufacturing partners and customers. We provide complete information and maximum transparency with the desire to play a constructive role in shaping a better future for coffee producers. Transparency is an intricate problem that needs to be solved by the cooperation of all elements in the supply chain. We are still on a journey of dedication to a more transparent and sustainable future for coffee.

    >>> Transparency in our operating procedures.

  • Traceability

    "Each cup of coffee is influenced by its own identity."

    Origin is always the beginning of all values. Understanding even the most minuscule effects is the official way to the original flavor most easily and completely. Traceability enables consumers to search, authenticate and evaluate the accuracy of information provided; while helping to recognize producers' ethical and sustainable farming efforts. XLIII Coffee tell the story of each coffee we bring to our customers, bringing the actual value inside a cup closer to consumers.

    >>> Traceability in our operating procedures.

  • Ethics

    We set ethics as the standard for all operations. Ethics is the top priority in sourcing raw materials, recruiting personnel, training, developing, and providing products and services at XLIII Coffee. We are committed to long-term standards, engaging the community, and building solid relationships with our supply partners based on quality. We accompany activities and solutions that maintain standards from human rights and environmental protection perspectives.

    >>> Ethics in our operations.

  • Responsibility

    We have a responsibility to the planet and our partners in every decision, every step of the way. We protect originality from every angle and take responsibility for all our choices, from purchasing, roasting, supplying, and promoting our products. Taking responsibility for your actions is the first step in the sustainability journey. Ensuring green responsibility for the environment and being honest with partners, customers, and the entire industry system at every stage is necessary for the future.

    >>> Responsibility in our operating process.

  • Transitioning towards sustainability

    As a growing business, we understand that sustainability is the path to a vital industry. We strive to transform and scale by investing in people and building exemplary attitudes. For us, sustainability is absolute and applies to every aspect. Our relationships, sourcing, products, packaging,... are carefully selected in line with the sustainable progress we aim to achieve.

    >>> Transitioning towards sustainability in our operations.

xin chao chung toi la xliii coffee

Our strategic approaches

  • Find the Origin

    Finding the origin, we find coffee beans' pure and original values. XLIII Coffee fully explore and exploit the factors of growing area, coffee varieties, preliminary processing methods, and the impact of local factors on the development of plants and the taste of coffee beans. We tell the pure and rustic story of each raw material area so that customers can better understand what was and is happening there. Looking back to the original, we cherish the most fundamental values ​​of this product.

  • Protect the Origin

    Protecting the Origin, XLIII Coffee strive to maintain and balance the environment in which the coffee beans are stored, helping preserve the great flavor the growing region has sent in each. We use Specialty coffee beans that are washed processing, not marinated or deeply fermented, to limit unnecessary effects on pure coffee beans' inherent structure and flavor. We always strive to find methods and procedures that preserve the integrity and originality of the coffee beans. Besides, XLIII Coffee is also dedicated to recreating and protecting the Origin by returning worthy values to the producer to ensure livelihoods and biodiversity, thereby creating a good premise for exploitation and developing more high-quality coffee products.

  • Describe the Origin

    XLIII Coffee put all its heart into each stage of the processing and extraction process with a single goal: to fully describe the unique flavor of each coffee. We do not use personal skills, and harsh impacts can damage the coffee beans. We carefully explore each flavor and color aspect of each coffee through extremely light roasting and uncomplicated extraction. With their intrinsic flavor, we let coffee beans evolve and grow in the right environment to develop and bring beautiful experiences with the senses gently, delicately, and simply.

  • Taste the Origin

    We want you to be able to enjoy the most layers of flavor in your coffee. With an open heart and the information provided, XLIII Coffee hope every customer will better understand each growing area, taste the coffee, and relax in the green space of the coffee shop's sustainable farmers. A healthy and sustainable ecosystem needs sustainable ingredients and an understanding of true values.