Neja Fadil

800.000 VND
  • Wet MillNeja Fadil
  • Origin Ethiopia
  • Region Oromia, Guji, Uraga, Tobitu Tuta
  • Variety 74110, 74112, Dega, Wolisho
  • Crop Year 12/2022
  • Altitude 2150 masl
  • Process Washed
  • Net Weight 250 gram
  • Flavor Profile Clementine, Honey, Lavender
  • Sourcing Inirect Trade
  • Paid for Exporter 20,15 USD/kg

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Neja Fadil Wet Mill is a newly established specialty coffee processing unit located in the Guji region of Ethiopia. Built in 2017, the mill collaborates with 250 coffee farmers in Tobitu Tuta village. The establishment of Neja Fadil Wet Mill marks a significant step forward in enhancing the quality and value of local coffee.

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Savor the exquisite specialty coffee from Neja Fadil’s wet mill, a testament to the Guji region’s ideal growing conditions and the Tobitu Tuta community’s burgeoning potential in the Ethiopian coffee world

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Roasting profile

  • Roast Machine Giesen W6A
  • Roast Profile Extremely Light
 Neja Fadil – Specialty Coffee

Recommendations for storage and use

– Coffee wants to rest in a cool place away from sunlight and sealed bags;
– Our coffee reaches its peak flavor four weeks after the roasting date;
– Our coffee maintains its aroma spectrum within six months of opening the bag, and the quality gradually decreases;
– Our coffee is packed with flavor-locking technology, so it can be preserved for two years from the date of production when unopened. We also recommend not using it when first opening the bag. Please open and close the bag for another three days to fully release the flavor-locking encapsulation technology;
– Our coffee will clearly show the flavor description after 03 days from when you open and close the bag for the first time.

The optimum water quality for brewing coffee

  • Calcium Hardness 10 ppm CaCO3
  • Magnesium Hardness 58 ppm CaCO3
  • Total Alkalinity 10 ppm CaCO3
  • Sodium 10 ppm CaCO3
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