• First time cooperation: 2024
  • Cooperation model: Indirect Trade


Kenissa Cooperative is a vibrant and promising member of the Kata Meduga Alliance in Ethiopia. Established in 2018, the cooperative has swiftly built a reputation for processing and marketing high-quality coffee for its 305-310 farmer members in the town of Agaro. Through dedication and continuous effort, Kenissa Cooperative is enhancing the reputation of local coffee, promising sustainable economic development opportunities for the farming community in the future.

Operating model

One of the key factors in Kenissa’s success is its meticulous attention to detail in coffee production and processing. Workers prioritize cleanliness in the processing areas and tools, regularly checking and thoroughly cleaning water tanks, lining drying racks with parchment, and covering them with cloth to protect the coffee from the sun. Each lot of coffee beans is uniquely labeled to ensure traceability from the cherry to the final milling stage. This meticulousness shows Kenissa’s commitment to maintaining quality and transparency in coffee production.

Additionally, Kenissa Cooperative is committed to the sustainable development and long-term benefits of its member farmers. The cooperative’s leadership promises to pay purchase prices higher than the market average, reflecting their effort to ensure the success and prosperity of the community. Although more specific data is needed to evaluate the price differential, this commitment highlights Kenissa Cooperative’s vision and determination to improve the livelihoods of local farmers.

Development potential

A notable aspect of Kenissa Cooperative’s operations is its possession of an export license. This opens up opportunities for Kenissa to directly access international markets, enhancing its price negotiation capabilities and brand promotion.

Furthermore, the continued contributions and dedication of many members of Kenissa Cooperative’s board of directors are positive signs. This indicates a strong bond and long-term commitment to the cooperative’s and community's development. The expertise and knowledge of these individuals can help Kenissa Cooperative strategise more effectively for future growth.

Kenissa – Collaboration of XLIII Coffee

Community contributions

Kenissa Cooperative also demonstrates social responsibility by improving the living standards and livelihoods of the farming community. By adhering to strict production standards, sharing profits fairly, and providing technical support to farmers, Kenissa is contributing to building a sustainable and comprehensive coffee value chain.

Although these activities are relatively new, it is expected that Kenissa Cooperative’s efforts will have positive environmental and social impacts. Motivating farmers to maintain the production of high-quality specialty coffee and preserving local cultural identity are crucial elements for sustainable development. Additionally, the cooperative’s support and training help farmers enhance their skills and access new opportunities.

With its initial achievements and development potential, Kenissa Cooperative is gradually asserting its position in the specialty coffee industry. Kenissa Cooperative’s success not only benefits its members but also inspires other cooperatives in the region.

As Ethiopia's coffee industry continues to grow rapidly, the emergence of cooperatives like Kenissa is a promising sign. With unity, vision, and relentless effort, Kenissa is poised to contribute positively to the sustainable development of the community and the local coffee industry. We can hope that in the future, Kenissa Cooperative will continue to leverage its strengths and spread its values, contributing to the overall prosperity of society.

Kenissa's Coffee Flavor


Earl grey, Limeade, Peach

Kenissa specialty coffee from Kenissa, Ethiopia, brings the highest qualities of single-origin coffee to satisfy the rigors of true coffee connoisseurs.

Each lot of beans is uniquely labeled to ensure traceability from the cherry to the final milling stage